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Basic Plastering Skills - Hawk & Trowel

The essential, but basic skill for successful plastering. How to load your trowel with the correct amount of plaster without dropping it on the floor. Once you can confidently get the right amount of plaster on your trowel then plastering becomes much easier. Also, learn how to keep small amounts of plaster on your trowel without it falling off - no matter what way up you hold it.

This is a very quick explanation of basic plastering skills.

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About The Trowel important to ensure your trowel is worn in

Trowel Technique & Control Only the trowel is used to apply and finish the skim coat. There is no magic to skimming – it is the combination of firm pressure combined with the correct angle of your trowel.

Full How to Plaster Video (Run Time: 1 hour 15 minutes)

plastering skills video

The Video Includes:

General Plastering Knowledge

  • What materials to use
  • Hawk & trowel control
  • How to prepare your wall and control the suction

    Backing Coat

  • When a backing coat is needed
  • Purpose of a backing coat
  • How to apply backing coat
  • How to obtain a perfectly flat backing coat


  • How to fix angle beads


  • This finish coat should be 2-3 mm thick. There are approximately 6 stages to complete but knowing when to move from one stage to the next is important. If you see no improvement from the previous stage, and you feel you're going round in circles, then the plaster may need to firm up a bit more.

  • How to apply a skim finish and keep it flat
  • Learn the process of skimming
  • Explains the 6 stages of skimming
  • The skills needed to obtain a clean slightly polished surface
  • How to obtain perfectly formed corners


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