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This is what I was looking for!! 
Browsing the internet for information on plastering I ran into this tutorial. Very very helpful! Thank you ever so much!! You boosted my selfconfidence …

Learnt how to plaster 
I bought the 'Plastering made seriously simple' DVD because I'd attended a short course at another establishment and was a little confused. I watched Paul's …

Turned out well. 
Hi Paul, some of the plastering I have done since being on your course Turned out good, done 3 bedrooms including ceilings

A good way to learn 
We decided to go for the master bedroom ceiling... It went pretty well but had some issues due to the size of the ceiling area - the plaster seemed to …

Made a few mistakes but pleased! 
Hi Paul, Hope all is going well. Thought I'd send you a quick snap of my first attempt since the course back in April. All in all, I'm pretty pleased. …

Good Tea! 
" Could not recommend this course more, excellent value, learnt everything i needed to know and the tea was brewed to perfection."

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Learn how to plaster DVD Reviews

Hello Paul 
I recently purchased your DVD and found it to be the most useful   training DVD I have ever received. I am a 70 year old refurbishing  an  old house. I just completed the plastering of a bathroom under  the  sole guidance of your DVD. The result is stunning (by my  standards) to say the least. When I look at the walls I can't  believe I did them on my own. You are a good teacher and I really  appreciated your attention  to details from the angle of the trowel to cleaning the bucket  immediately. 


Hi, I just want to say that after watching your DVD I had a go at skimming over my kitchen chimney breast (1930's semi).

I started with the 'easier' sides and must say that the results were fantastic.

The larger front piece was an exercise in trust, but by following your guidance, I have produced a very, very good finish.

My neighbour, who's been in the building trade a long time was shocked by the results!

He did say that is wasn't "Quite a glass finish", but I told him that decorators prefer an egg-shell finish - That told him!




I bought your DVD and guide in March. I also asked you about plastering ceilings. Your advice and materials were excellent. I have now completed several ceilings, walls etc with perfect results. I have even done some cement plastering in the bathroom (your tip on plasticizer was great). In the US the plastcizer usually comes in the form of various admixes (usually acrylic) and they are mostly sold as for mortar beds for tile installations and Stucco (our term for render). If you have any follow up videos or materials please let me know.

Thanks for all of your help

Norm Lafond


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