small holes can be seen after dry

by luke

I have been skimmed few walls. After the wall dried, I can see holes with 1mm depth and size varies. I cannot see the holes when the plaster still wet in darker colour. How to prevent this?

On the first trowel up (stage 4) More pressure and a flatter angle of your trowel will ensure plaster is pushed across the whole length of your trowel and into any holes.
As plaster firms up in the latter stages the plaster may not be pliable enough to move around, in which case as your trowel passes over each area, scan the surface for holes. If they are still there push some plaster into them and trowel flat. You may have some plaster on your trowel for this already - if not just get some more.
Also make sure the lighting is good - as otherwise they are easily missed.


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