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To avoid being drawn into arguments - I cannot answer questions relating to work that plasterer's have carried out.

If you're having troweling problems this is where you can ask a question. Before you do just check the Previously Asked Questions first as the answer may already be there.

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Previously Asked Questions

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Hi Paul Loved the DVD good value for money, Hope you can help. I am confident that I am laying on to correct thickness and achieving pretty flat finish, …

Hi paul, I was wondering if you could give me some tips on troweling the plaster as in where to start when putting your trowel on the wall I always seem …

every time i am skimming a wall i allway get the wet trowell wrong when is it best to apply the wet trowell in skimming cheers Answeer If you're …

Bobbles Not rated yet
Hi I am getting small bobbles in the plaster that I can't get rid of when troweling Answer They're air bubbles and the more you play around with …

small holes can be seen after dry Not rated yet
I have been skimmed few walls. After the wall dried, I can see holes with 1mm depth and size varies. I cannot see the holes when the plaster still wet …

trowel Not rated yet
My trowel keeps sticking to the cieling.. Why Answer Well that's a different problem! I guess it is due to the suction - the front, leading …

wet trowl  Not rated yet
Hi I hope someone knows how to put this right, I have just plastered a wall and gave it a dry then wet trowl the problem is it still needs 1 more wet trowl …

spots where it has gone in to hard Not rated yet
hi paul, i seem to be having a problem when im troweling my second coat in the final stages of troweling in some parts of the plaster (little …

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