wet trowl

Hi I hope someone knows how to put this right, I have just plastered a wall and gave it a dry then wet trowl the problem is it still needs 1 more wet trowl but it has been left to dry for 4 days is it ok to wet trowl it now? I suspect I have left it too Late is there anything ican do? Also I have put 2 coats of plaster on another wall (4 days ago) go I continue to dry then wet trowl it or can I put another thin coat on it? Any help would be appreciated

You need to be completing the trowelling before the plaster is set fully. That said sometimes you can just tidy it up a bit when fully set - by almost knocking back and smoothing out the odd blemish. However there is a limit as the plaster will not move and be pushed into any hollow areas which is the objective. Therefore if it is very minor then have a go, but if not, you're best to go over it again. You will need to PVA the wall first and then go over with 2 coats and trowel up before it sets. If you are going to struggle to get all this done before it sets then let me know and i'll explain how you can make it easier.

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