Learn to Plaster

Learn to Plaster
How to apply the skim coat (finish coat).

Some DIY skills can be learnt from reading a book - plastering is probably not one of them You need someone to show you the basics, then much practice is needed.

But it is possible to achieve successful plastering whilst practising -- just have a go at the small areas first. This clip is a very quick brief guide to the art of plastering.

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About skimming

Skimming is the final top coat or finish coat of plaster that is applied either to either a backing coat, plasterboard or old and damaged existing plastered walls - to provide a nice smooth finish ready for painting.

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How to Skim a Ceiling

The Backing Coat

The skim (finish) coat is the final coat and is responsible for smoothness. It is not designed to flatten so the background to which it is being applied needs to be flat.

Firming up

An uneven background can result in some areas having a greater thickness of plaster. The firming up process is influenced by the thickness of plaster. Progression through all the stages of skimming is in turn influenced by the firming up process. Therefore if one part of the wall is twice as thick as another it could take twice as long for it to firm up and therefore move through the stages and could result im an uneven finish.

Learning to Plaster

When you learn to plaster expect some problems but if you do nothing else then remember when you are applying the plaster to keep it flat.

Plastering Help

How to 'trowel' skim finish plaster Trowel plaster with firm pressure on your trowel - until your arm aches.

Backing Coat Plastering Help with applying the backing coat - ruling flat and floating.

How to Mix Skim Finish Plaster If the plaster is too thick it will be hard to apply a flat even coat and will also set quicker!

Problems with the resulting plaster finish Preperation, 'trowelling' (smoothing the plaster) at the correct stage and firm pressure are all vital to ensure flat smooth walls.

How to Prepare your wall for Skimming Preparing your wall for skimming - if you do nothing else test the suction to ensure you have as long a working time as possible.

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