North London Plastering Course

1 Day Weekend Course

North London Plastering Course - Location Bedford – North of London, St Pancras to Bedford Station 45 minutes (Station Pick Up available)

The 1 day weekend Plastering Course teaches the essential techniques for successful plastering. The aim is to equip you with the knowledge and ability to plaster a wall, on your own to a good standard. 

Who it's for

The course is suitable for: both men & women, home owners, builders, beginners and improvers. No plastering experience is needed; being a personalised course means that we can start right at the beginning, or from a point that you want to improve your skills from.

What you'll learn

A general overview of the plastering process.

The techniques needed to achieve a flat backing coat and a smooth finish coat.

How to practice at home.

How to apply what you've learnt to your own particular project.


8:45 to 9:15  Arrival / Welcome Coffee

9:15  About the tools, materials and process

9:30  Demonstration/Explanation of backing coat techniques

10:00 Mixing plaster

10:15 Apply a backing coat to a wall under instruction, and obtain a flat professional finish

12.15 Lunch Break

12:45 Demonstration/Explanation of Skimming coat techniques.

1:00 Skim a wall under instruction and obtain a nice clean professional finish

3:00 Coffee, Question & Answer Session

3:30 Finish

Times are approximate

1:1 Instruction / Tuition 
The 1 day Plastering Course is professional but informal and due to just being 1:1 means that we can go at a pace that suits you and allows you to ask as many questions as you like.


All courses are 100% practical. Tuition is given through a series of demonstrations and then instruction whilst you are plastering a wall. 

Backing Coat Instruction

Preparation of background

Application of backing coat

Straightening & levelling

Floating backing coat ready to accept top finish coat

Applying base coat to a patch (leaving a suitable depth for finish coat)

Finish Coat Instruction

Mixing plaster

Application techniques


How to spread a flat even coat of plaster 2mm thick over the whole wall.


the process of plastering that ensures a smooth flat surface is obtained.

Master the art of...

obtaining a polished surface.

Guaranteed - with 1:1 tuition.

Weekend Cost

The 1 day 'Learn to Plaster' course at the weekend costs £200 per person. 

£50 deposit is payable now. The remaining balance of £150 is payable on the day of your course. Alternatively you can make payment in full. 


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Additional Course Information

Location of the North London Plastering Course

Skim A Wall at the North London Plastering Course