3 Day Lime Plastering Course

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The 3 day Lime Plastering Course teaches the essential techniques for successful plastering with lime. The aim is to equip you with the knowledge of lime and ability to plaster a wall, on your own to a good standard using one of the oldest building materials around.

Who it's for
The course is suitable for: both men & women, home owners, builders, beginners and improvers. No previous plastering experience is needed; being a personalised course means that we can start right at the beginning, or from a point that you want to improve your skills from. The techniques of plastering are taught and then practiced over the 2 days using lime.

All courses are 100% practical. Tuition is given through a series of demonstrations and then instruction whilst you are plastering a wall. You will be plastering yourself for the majority of the time, so if your arm aches the use of tea & coffee breaks can be utilised!

What you'll learn

  • A general overview of the plastering process.
  • An understanding of lime (the challenges and rewards it can bring!)
  • The techniques needed to achieve a flat backing coat and a smooth finish coat.
  • The 7 golden rules to ensure flat, smooth walls.
  • What to do when things go wrong.
  • How to practice at home.
  • How to apply what you've learnt to your own particular project.
  • How to further enhance the look of your walls

The difference between the 2 & 3 day Lime Plastering Course
In addition to the above, the 3 day course gives additional practice time on different backgrounds and can include any one of the following:

  • plastering over laths with horse hair
  • plastering ceilings (either applying an additional coat or over laths)
  • polished plastering (with or without pigments)

The 2 Day Lime Plastering Course

1:1 Instruction / Tuition
The Lime Course is professional but informal and due to just being 1:1 means that it doesn't have to follow a set format but one which will suit your objectives.

Backing Coat Application

  • Preparation of background
  • Application of lime mortar
  • Straightening lime mortar
  • Forming corners
  • Floating mortar ready to accept top finish coat.

Finish Coat Application
  • Mixing lime
  • Controlling the suction
  • Application techniques
  • Finishing techniques

Using Lime
Either hydraulic lime or non hydraulic can be used depending upon your requirements.

Is plastering with lime more difficult?
The key to successful working with lime is understanding how it works. The technique for applying the backing coat or render coat is no different to a sand & cement or gypsum plaster. However things can become a little more unpredictable with applying the finish coat but on the other hand once the process is understood it can be easier - in part due to the extended setting times that lime gives. The setting time of lime plaster is days rather than the hour or two from gypsum which whilst can be limiting for commercial aspects can be a very big advantage to the learner.

With just yourself on the course we can start when you get here. The start time is generally 9.15, however it should be no problem to change this time to suit your journey. Finish time is between 3:00 & 4:30 pm depending upon your work rate.

DIY Plastering.

The 3 day Lime Plastering Course costs £700 per person.
£150 deposit is payable now. The remaining balance of £550 is payable on the day of your course. Alternatively you can make payment in full.

Sorry this course is currently unavailable. 

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