Personalised Plastering Courses

Personalised Plastering Courses are available.

The standard course format covers all the essential techniques used for backing Coat & Skim Coat Plastering. However as our time is limited it is better to prioritise the skills youneed to learn.

For example

  • If the objective at home is to re skim over old walls then the course could focus upon skimming over old tired walls rather than spending time with the backing coat.
  • If you just want to skim a ceiling - then we can just practice ceilings only
  • If you want to skim over artex then we can cover this in the course.

If you would prefer to gain general plastering knowledge & skills then the standard course format can work well.

Options for the 1 & 2 Day Personalised Plastering Course

  • Backing Coat
  • Skimming (Finish Coat)
  • Ceilings
  • Plastering over Artex
  • Patching & Joining
  • Render Finish
  • A second attempt of any of the above in order to consolidate your knowledge.

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1 Day Plastering Course

2 Day Plastering Course

Lime Plastering Course (temporarily unavailable - due to resume spring 2016)

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Making it, enjoyable, informative & relevant.

A plastering course with 1:1 Tuition from DIY Plastering cannot be compared to any other plastering course.

A 1:1 Personalised Plastering Course - to give you exactly what you need to know. In some cases it is not always about learning and practising the the different skills over and over but more about equipping you with the knowledge and skills combined with a good understanding of the plaster and the process. Then you will be able to go home and practice your skills whilst achieving good results that you will be happy with.

The format of the course can change depending upon your ability and what you want to learn. This ensures that when you leave, you have not just learnt a few plastering techniques, but also how to apply these techniques to your own particular project or for your individual needs. 

All courses can be personalised - the main difference between the 1 & 2 day course is more options to choose from.

Options for Lime Plastering

  • Backing Coat
  • Render Coat
  • Finish Coat
  • Lath & Plaster
  • Patching

Depending upon what you need to learn regarding any of the above, determines how many can be chosen. If you're unsure just contact me to discuss.

The 1 Day Personalised Plastering Course

Learn How to Skim a wall and then choose to either skim a ceiling or apply a backing coat to a wall.

The 2 Day Personalised Plastering Course

Learn how to apply a base coat to a wall and skim it the following day. Skim a ceiling and learn to patch.

The Lime Personalised Plastering Course

Using and Lime and the plastering techniques needed.

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